Oliver is een aangename en behulpzame collega, steeds gemotiveerd om te helpen.
— Simon Cordemans, Procurement & Licensing Management at Informatica J. Van Breda & C°
Oliver is the best IT Field Service person I have ever worked with. He is very friendly and professional in the same time; always ready to help. Oliver has a great problem-solving mindset and clearly explains the nature of the user’s IT problem in addition to resolving it effectively and quickly.
— Aleksandra Matziol, LyondellBasell Industries
Oliver is a good co-worker, has a good team spirit and he’s very detail-oriented. In the CIC team he has always contributed positively to the team targets and dealt with his individual target very efficiently. Always professional and extremely polite when talking to customers (by phone or e-mail), he would always try to solve any issue they would submit to him and would make sure they receive all the necessary information and indications in order to satisfy their request. In addition to his marketing oriented background he has a very good inclination for technical subject (particularly in the IT sector). In conclusion, I can say that I enjoyed to work with him for almost 5 years especially for the exchange of knowledge and of ideas which resulted very productive for the group.
— Valentina Santoro, Team Lead CIC EMEAA, Pervasive Software
Oliver is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. He is an independent and proactive person, very deadline oriented and always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. It was a pleasure working with him!
— Ronald Regterschot, Freelancer, ITBasics
Oliver is highly driven in his job. He aims for his goals, and beyond. Furthermore he’s a great colleague to work with, and a nice person to spend time with!
— Derdeyn Philippe, Citrix Migration Support, Dexia
I have worked with Oliver as a colleague at LBI for 9 months and noticed that Oliver is a friendly person and always eager to help people. His multiplicity of languages plays in his advantage to easily communicate on an international level.
— Glenn Mattys, IT Client Services Analyst, LyondellBasell
Oliver is a dedicated employee who goes beyond his own role to take on projects and provide feedback in all areas where he can contribute.
— Judith Carney, PMP, Worldwide CIC Manager, Pervasive Software
As a member of our EMEA CIC (Customer Interaction Center) Oliver has been supporting our European (at first) and Global (later on) operations from both an inbound and outbound perspective - providing multimedia local language support to our Customers and Partners as well as our internal Sales, Marketing and Technical Support teams. I highly recommend Oliver for a position within your organization.
— Gilbert Van Cutsem, Sr VP and GM Database Division, Pervasive Software
Oliver is very driven, motivated, people oriented and a pleasure to work with. He’s reliable, dependable and everything in between. Couldn’t wish for a better colleague.
— Sheila Gijsens, IT Consultant at Next-ICT
Oliver has good IT knowledge to manage IT Service Desk calls. In addition, even though I work based in Singapore and he work based at Rotterdam, we were able to collaborate and solve incidences together with the rest of our EU and AP colleagues.
— Kip Mui Leong, CS Analyst, LyondellBasell Industries
Oliver has a quick wit and the determination to get any job done perfectly. These qualities make him a valuable asset to any team. His friendly and outgoing nature makes people feel comfortable the minute they meet him. What a great guy!
— Carie Esquenazi, Experienced Office Manager/Executive Assistant and CNA, Pervasive Software
For over five years Oliver has been my colleague at Pervasive Software N.V. Oliver is a hard worker who will pay attention to details. He will come forward with ideas to handle things in a better way. Oliver is always extremely polite and completely professional on the telephone with all prospects and customers. He will ensure that the prospect/customer receives the information needed. Bottom line, customers and prospects are treated superbly at all times. Oliver realizes that he is often times the first impression prospects have of our company and I believe they could not get a better first impression. The aforementioned qualities we have highly appreciated when he assisted our Marketing department and me with the organization of several events abroad. I feel confident he will be a valuable asset to any organization.
— Patrice Weymans, Office Manager, Pervasive Software
Oliver is a people person, always ready to lend a helping hand!
He’s driven, competent and a teamplayer!
— Dennis van Leeuwen, System Engineer, Axxes