What is salesforceblogs.com?

While learning Salesforce, I favorited a lot of useful Blogs over time. To get some orientation, I collected and categorized them by type: Admin, Developer, MVP, Partner, Non-Profit, Legacy and Official. As they're a great resource yet so many, I figured it would be handy for other SF Professionals and enthusiasts to obtain a 360° guide. Blogs, blog articles and blog authors are furthermore indexed withing Google Custom Search (Google CSE), providing a powerful feature in helping you to obtain tailored information thorugh the site wide search bar. In addition every blog information page obtains a Blog -and Twitter feed. If you find that a blog is missing, feel free to use the contact form and submit your suggestion. Any blog that goes beyond self promotion and primarily offers self written, added value content to the Salesforce community, can get listed.

how are blogs added?

Every week i discover new blogs, either by referral or through personal queries to find Salesforce related answers online. Based on their content, blogs are then added to relevant categories. A blog may become visible in several categories and Google Custom Search results.

Is the service free?

Yes, of course. This site is my contribution to the awesome Salesforce community. This site is a personal iniative.


While the service is free and i enjoy supporting Salesforce bloggers in their continuous effort to share their insights, some content design, content promotion and site hosting rely on chargeable third party solutions. Therefore sponsors are welcome to contact me and discuss how to support this effort.