IT Sales

5 years

After my studies and a brief period of Direct Marketing jobs, I was offered to work for a software company, performing a EMEA wide SPOC role. The range of technical presales, sales and support responsibilities gave me great insight into the different needs of business and technical audience.

IT Marketing

5 years

Next to my IT Sales job,
i worked closely with Marketing and took the opportunity to translate and proofread translating technical marketing communications.
In addition assisted in event organization and planning.

IT Support

6 years

Having worked in both technical and commercial roles, starting to work as IT Consultant seemed the logical next step and a turned out to be a fulfilling career choice as well!
Starting out as 1st line Helpdesk Engineer, I worked in many different support roles since then, from small to large enterprises and in different industries.
I enjoy learning new things every day and keeping my customers happy.