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Author: Phil Weinmeister

Salesforce MVP | 18x Salesforce Certified | Author, Practical Salesforce Development Without Code

What keeps me up at night (in good way)? Envisioning new products and the corresponding strategies to make those products an undisputed success.

I have a passion and propensity for inventing, building, and enhancing cloud-based software applications on the Salesforce platform. Specifically, I love taking products from ideation to launch and making customers' lives a little easier through a new experience, a streamlined process, or just an all-around awesome application.

I have worn many hats during my journey to the product world, establishing a breadth of experience and skills in a variety of functional areas. Now, my focus is on establishing a suite of valuable products on Salesforce to support and drive the award-winning services practice at 7Summits. Feel free to reach out if you have a need for a precise, top-notch community solution or product on the Salesforce platform.