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Teach Me Salesforce

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Author: Jeff Douglas

Contributors: Jeff Grosse; Ankit Arora; Daniel Llewellyn (Kenji776)Kyle Thornton; Luke CushanickLukas Vedral; Paul Battisson; Charly Prinsloo; Rebecca Dente; Siddhesh Kabe

I was flying home for San Francisco last week (April, 2011) and was browsing the salesforce.com message boards (i.e., I have no life). There are still a ton of people asking basic questions like, “how do I test a trigger” or “how do I set a default value in my Visualforce page” or “why is this validation rule doing this ….”. Some of these questions have already been answered but they are scattered around a number of community blogs. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a centralized location to teach people salesforce.com? [insert magic light bulb ding sound]

So during my red-eye-flight-stupor, I decided to start this blog to help people learn saleforce.com. I’m inviting everyone in the salesforce.com community to contribute. If you have a workflow tip, some sample Apex code or an explanation on territority management that you’d like to share, I’ll add you as a contributor and you can post it. Perhaps you saw a great recipe on the Force.com Cookbook site. Post a link to it. You found a great Ruby book on Amazon.com. Post a link to it. A cool demo on YouTube. Post a link to it. Get the idea?

Can you post content that already exist on your blog? Not a problem as long as the goal is to educate the salesforce.com masses. Feel free to cross-post away! The more the merrier. I’ve put together a few simple guidelines to help us focus and provide value.

If you would like to contribute, simply send me an email at jeff[at]jeffdouglas(dot)com with your wordpress.com email address and I’ll add you. If you don’t already have a wordpress.com account you must create one first.

My hope is that people will be interested in this site and not only read it but provide content. We’ll see. Let the crowdsourcing learning experiment begin! - Jeff Douglas.