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Windows 8 users get Windows 9 for free?

Windows 8 users get Windows 9 for free?

Windows 8 users get Windows 9 for free !?

CEO Andreas Diantoro of Microsoft Indonesia said, according to the Indonesian Detik, that Windows 9 will become a free upgrade for users of Windows 8.

If something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Yet, when Microsoft launched Windows 8, very cheap upgrades where introduced. Clever Marketing to move to 'free' then? Well, up until now, every second Windows version has been a milestone or otherwise a feature rich and stable redesign of a previous OS-release.
This time it's different, Microsoft has been pushing their cloud services like Office365 and OneDrive for some time now and as even consumers are warming up to SaaS. Future versions of Windows will likely be offered as free Baseline Software OS and a Cloud-OS version, on top of which users can enable further subscription based features to take 'offline'.

Windows 9

But let's not get ahead of things. According to Andreas Diantoro, users of Windows 8 will obtain Windows 9 as automatic Windows update.
Tomorrow, Microsoft will announce Windows 9, currently known by its codename Threshold.

By launching Windows 9, Microsoft is moving back towards the look and feel of Windows 7 through re-introduction of the start menu and less focus on the tiles.
However, the new OS will get Live Tile integration, a notification center and the digital assistant Cortana.
By April 2015 the official version of Windows 9 is expected to be released.

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