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This Salesforce Fashion App Will Change How You Shop

This Salesforce Fashion App Will Change How You Shop

Salesforce has developed a fashion app that will help you decide what to buy at retail stores. The internal working name of the soon-to-launch technology is Fashionforce and it uses a combination of dressing rooms with photo-sphere mirrors and 360-degree cameras.

13 Helpful Salesforce Apps for 2014

13 Helpful Salesforce Apps for 2014

These 13 apps can help improve customer relationship management (CRM) and make your sales teams more productive.

If you want to ‘try it before you buy it’ with any of these apps, I recommend that you head over to and set up a developer org where you can install, configure and demo as many apps as you’d like.


Accounts Dashboards. This free app adds dashboards to your Account record pages. See year over year sales, identify buying trends, and get visibility in to what products customers have bought in the past, to quickly and visually identify areas for growth in key accounts.


Email to Case Premium. Email to Case Premium, which allows support reps to respond faster and more efficiently than using standard email to case, is one of the highest rated app for agent productivity on the AppExchange.


Field Trip. “I’m sure many CRM administrators have experienced data concerns: Are the fields we’re adding being used? Are they being used correctly? Do I even need these fields anymore? Enter Field Trip. It allows users to report on their fields and identify how often they’re being used, so administrators can identify fields that should be removed or users who require more training to ensure fields are being used properly.

DupeCatcher. With DupeCatcher, you can set up complex (or simple) filters to stop your team from entering duplicate leads, accounts or other records. You can decide if you want to display a warning that displays matching records (such as other leads with the same first/last name) or if you don’t want duplicates created at all (such as on matching email addresses).

FileIT. Do you need to attach large files in Salesforce, would you like to attach multiple files
at once, then FileIT is the way to go. It's a hugh storage saver in Salesforce and by just drag and dropping files, much quicker than the default manual upload.

Former Positions. Former Positions tracks changes to a Contact's Account and Title, enabling you to follow an individual's career. You can improve data quality by moving inactive contacts to a bucket account. The solution is like LinkedIn's Experience section of a profile.

Geopointe. This app integrates Salesforce with Google Maps, to efficiently plan trips.
Clients and leads in a specific city or zip code can be mapped to Sales Reps territory.
This helps Sales Reps to plan where their next client visit should be and plan for multiple meetings in one day.

LinkPoint Connect. With LinkPoint Connect, you can achieve better integration, choosing exactly what you want to sync and what you don’t. This reduces the risk of reaching your Salesforce file storage limits without realizing it. LinkPoint also allows users to create custom buttons to drag-and-drop information to create or update custom object records.

S-Drive. If you want to get around the limitations of Salesforce’s low file storage limits, you may consider stashing your files on Amazon’s S3 storage cloud via S-Drive, an easy, secure and unlimited file storage and distribution platform.

Timba Surveys. Timba Surveys is a free method of creating and collecting surveys directly in Salesforce. Pharmacy OneSource uses it to automatically email its clients a satisfaction survey when their support cases are closed. Another perk: You don’t have to rely on Dataloader. Users can see which customers where surveyed and review their responses.

Conga Composer. Using the Conga Composer app for Salesforce, users can generate complex Word documents or PDFs with a single click. If you can grab the field in a report, you can insert it into your document, including entire related lists into a table. In addition, CongaComposer integrates with other apps, such as one-click PDF integration with DocuSign or EchoSign,” two other popular and useful apps.

Salesforce CRM Dashboards. Your one stop shop for GREAT example dashboards. Includes dashboards for Executives, Reps, Sales, Support and more. Checkout the documentation for details.

Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View. Mass update and mass edit selected records from any filter view or related list. You get two easy to use tools designed for both admins and standard users. Your users will thank you for this.

Based on the useful article 12 Helpful Salesforce Apps for 2012 from, a refresh was overdue.
I've revised the originally published list and added some of my favorite Apps.