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Apple introduces own 'Apple SIM' for new iPad series

Apple introduces own 'Apple SIM' for new iPad series

Apple ships the new Generation of iPad with default SIM cards called 'Apple SIM', giving users the choice which provider and subscription they want to enroll with.
For now only in the Unites States and UK, iPads will have this new 'feature'.

While Apple did not mention the special SIM cards during the presentation of the new 4G enabled iPads on Thursday, however the US Apple product site mentions "One sim, many possibilities." The manufacturer states that the SIM card is already preinstalled within the Air, iPad 2 and iPad 3 mini series, along with WiFi and mobile internet support.

The iPad user will have the choice, which cell provider and subscription he prefers. According to Apple, any subscription can be changed at will and while traveling, people will be able to switch to a local cell provider subscription for the duration of the travel and thus avoid expensive roaming costs.

Further information on the SIM cards are not yet available and whether Apple will release this SIM card model in other countries and for the iPhone is not yet known.
Already in 2010 reports surfaced about Apple working with SIM card maker Gemalto on embedded SIM cards.

According to the Financial Times, cell providers back then cautioned about embedding this type of system. Objections on their behalf are understandable as it would become almost too easy for subscribers to switch operator.
For now only AT&T and Sprint for the Unites States and EE for the United Kingdom are the official Partners of Apple.
In all other countries, people will continue to rely on existing cards as the SIM card tray remains available on iPads.

According to The Verge, the SIM card is a dying breed. Apple might take this a step further and ship SIM card free devices with embedded SIM chips.

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"One more thing.." Stay ahead of the curve!

"One more thing.." Stay ahead of the curve!

During the launch introduction of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple CEO Tim Cook forgot to mention the biggest Apple iPhone feature yet. Last year's modest attempts by the likes of LG and Samsung, introducing their bendable smartphone, have been overruled by a big post-launch surprise, Apple held up it's sleeve!

In case your iPhone does not bend after a week by itself, here's a helpful video, how to 'enable' this hidden feature manually:

Will Apple bite the sour Apple and launch a massive recall of the already shipped units and replace the casings with titanium alloy housings?

Those of you who haven't been invited yet for a #Bendgate-challenge on Facebook, can go ahead and order a 'incorruptible' case, featuring 'Mr Gate' himself, Richard Nixon:

..or buy a decent BlackBerry smartphone and never look back.

The Apple Timeline Video

The Apple Timeline Video

From the beginning of Apple Computing in 1976 to the release of the IPhone 5, the Californian firm of Cupertino has had a fascinating and unique history. In more than 30 years, Apple revolutionized the micro computing, music, and telephony industries and managed to win over millions of users throughout the world. 24 MOTION DESIGN tell you its history in this 2D movie, animated by vector images and graphic design.