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Author: Mayank Srivastava

I began working with the Salesforce platform back in 2012 and have come a long way since then. It all started with administration and configuration but now I also indulge myself in custom development, when needed. I have been in awe of the platform to an extent where I decided to prepare for and take all five certification exams within six weeks and ended up passing them in the first attempt.

The goal of my blog is to help Salesforce administrators, developers and end users find answers to the most common problems. I am quite active on the success community and well aware of the challenges that the users face on a daily basis. I will try my best to cover as many of them as possible and provide you with a solution that makes you exclaim, ‘Wow, this was easy!’.
I hope there’s something useful for you to take away from my site which helps you be a better
administrator, developer or Salesforce end user.