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I'm Sourav Dutta, also known as Babai, a very simple person who believes to be happy & make others happy. 

Salesforce Certified Force.Com (DEV-401) Developer & Platform App Builder with expertise in Project Management, Product Consulting and Business Analysis.
Quick Learner. Good knowledge on Understanding of Various Business Processes in Salesforce.
Skilled in mapping client requirements and translating those to functional specifications and mapping it with the best practices by following the standard guidelines.
An effective communicator with honed leadership, team handling, training, coordination and planning skills.
Strong analytical, interpersonal and creative thinking skills.
Outstanding Presentation, Communication & Documentation skills.

I want to be a Man of Values rather than a Man of Success! I always have faith on this universe, on myself, that all the good things will happen to me.I am not sorry for what I don’t have, I am grateful & happy for all the things I have ! I have seen many ups & downs in my life. Most difficult times are my greatest teachers, as they taught me several lessons!

My passion is to meet new People & new Places, Learn from the classroom of nature and inspire people to live their best life. I want to make my life big; want to be wealthy, healthy, popular beyond limit. but what I want most is to be loved and at my deathbed I want to say “ I lived my life fully! I enjoyed every small gift! I touched millions hearts! I did my part to make the world better place!”