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Author: Vered Meir

Vered Meir is a certified Salesforce administrator and developer with over ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She spends her days working to make sure that mission-driven nonprofit organizations have the tools they need to make data accessible, accurate, and a central driving force to doing their work. Salesforce’s “clicks not code” philosophy can make an #AwesomeAdmin out of anyone with an interest and an investment of time. She loves helping organizations of any size use the tools on the Salesforce platform to make their work efficient and productive so they can focus on the mission at hand.

Find her on the Power of Us Hub, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Or outdoors, not in front of a screen! When not singing the praises of the Salesforce platform, she can be found hiking in the Oakland Hills with her dog Minnie or cooking up a fresh batch of jam.