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Author: Matt Lacey

Hints and tips for Salesforce and developers, covering everything from declarative development to Apex and VisualForce, community events and more.

This blog is a personal blog belonging to me, Matt Lacey. I live and work in Melbourne, Australia, and I form one half of the S. P. Keasey Trading Company and am a co-founder at Proximity Insight. I am proud to say that I am a MVP and MVP, and also a Certified Administrator, Certified Advanced Administrator, Certified Developer and Certified Advanced Developer. I co-host the Code Coverage podcast with Steven Herod. 

Currently my I spend the majority of my time writing code for based applications, and participating with the wider community through a variety of channels. Prior to the launch of the S. P. Keasey Trading Co., I worked for a consultancy providing coaching and assistance to the development team, helping them with with all aspects of their roles, including code and schema design, requirements analysis, development issues and debugging.

Matt Lacey