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Author: Daniel Llewellyn

There are tons of programming blogs out there, but I started this one because

A) I needed a place to vent. Apex drives me crazy sometimes.
B) I haven’t seen many other blogs working with the same mix of technologies I work with.
C) I’d like to think maybe I can help some people who are doing the same stuff I am.

So there ya go. I am just going to be posting what I find, and what works for me. Take everything I write with a grain of salt. As rage-ful as I might seem in my posts, I really do enjoy my job, and I do like getting to work on so many fun projects, but some parts about it, will always be… challenging ;)

If you enjoy my work, or I’ve been helpful and you want to show your thanks, I keep an Amazon wishlist at http://amzn.com/w/3I0OHNN36MEC2 I’m always happy to get anything :) Or you can donate to me on Paypal