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Author: Geoffrey Flynn

My name is Geoffrey Flynn but I go by Geoff most of the time.

I’m a Salesforce consultant working in Toronto, Canada and I’m a certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Developer, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant.

I was quite content learning things on my own but kept getting stumped trying to learn coding – I just couldn’t get it to make sense.  Then I discovered David Liu’s amazing site sfdc99 that pretty much changed my whole outlook on things.  All of sudden code was making sense and I found myself answering questions on his blog that others were asking.

Everything had started to click and it was then that I realized I could help others a lot more.  I jumped onto and also started dipping my foot onto the developer forums to see if I could keep up.  Of course I couldn’t, but I could help with the easier stuff and I found that my explanations made sense to people.

At the same time I was doing this I also started commuting by car every day and listening to podcasts and realized just what an amazing community of people is out there – I wanted to find another way to contribute to that.

This blog is my way of trying to contribute.  I want to change the way Admins and Developers think about solutioning for clients.  I want to change the thought process from meeting requirements to pulling on solutions you have been able to do in your own lives.  If I can’t be happy with a birthday workflow rule for my family, what business do I have trying to build one for a customer?  Along the way I’ll also take deep dives into items that I don’t think are covered enough, and any particular topic that I feel could use some airtime.

Feel free to reuse anything you see, and I hope that every person who visits can get something out of the site, even if it’s just a different take on something they already knew about.  Now I just need some content!