Doug Ayers

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Author: Doug Ayers

I have over 8 years experience leading teams to build loosely coupled, reliable web apps and enterprise services with agile engineering practices on Salesforce and Java platforms.

I enjoy the rich ecosystem of open source software and contribute back to the community on GitHub and my blog. As someone who is continually learning and trying new approaches, I enjoy collaborating with and mentoring others. I also co-lead and regularly speak at the Nashville Salesforce Developers Group.

I seek continuous improvement, never accepting the "status quo" but rather responsibly challenge barriers to grow and drive innovation. One of my core values is to never allow success to be limited by effort.

Doug Ayers is a Certified Administrator and Developer. He serves as a Software Architect, Salesforce Platform @Virsys12 and Co-Leader of the Nashville Salesforce Developer Group. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, the Salesforce Success Community, and the BMC Remedyforce Community. View his resume.