Bill Greenhaw

Bill Greenhaw

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Author: Bill Greenhaw

A Salesforce geek since 2001, I have focused my career on CRM and I have worked as a consultant and end user. I have implemented over 75 businesses onto I have migrated over 300 different systems/data sources.

I have a passion for helping people with / CRM. If you are in the Sacramento area and need some help with (or just want to discuss and/or CRM) send me a message. Also consider joining the Sacramento Salesforce User Group.

I am a declarative developer that can do Apex when in a pinch. I have a database background, so SOQL using anonymous Apex comes in handy for me.

I became a MVP in Summer of 2013. I love being part of the community. Dreamforce is my geek out week of the year.

I have been in I.T. since 1996 and I took to SaaS and Cloud immediately, as I understood the value. Love to help companies move to Cloud technologies.

Specialties: administration, implementation, data migrations, consulting, formulas and worfklows.

Certifications: Certified Administrator, Certified Developer, Certified Sales Cloud Consultant