The consumer market represents 15 percent of the 60 billion dollar sales from Dell, but founder and CEO Michael Dell sees no benefit in smartphones. "We focus on the business market.."

Michael Dell at the Dell Solutions Summit 2014 in Brussels.


"Have you seen the smart phones from Sony, HTC or LG. They are beautiful, but all they lose tons of money."
"We have no interest in it", said Michael Dell at the Dell Solutions Summit in Brussels.
Dell remains in the consumer market, "If you're in the PC business, then you're in the consumer market. It's that simple. And 'in the business market, If the end users do not want your products then you can pack your bag".

One third of the revenue of Dell marketed by partners in, accounted for $ 20 billion. And it grows hard for a company that once swore by the direct model. Dell employs 167.00 partners worldwide and achieved during the last six months, many IBM partners in following the acquisition of the IBM business by Lenovo. According to Michael Dell, however, his company is still 'under distributed'.

Source: DataNews on September 18th, 2014.

Since 2012, Dell no longers sells smartphones in the U.S. and tweaked its mobile strategy to focus more on emerging markets and higher-margin products.
Dell continued to sell smartphones outside the U.S.