Here's a nice Lost in Translation to start the last workday of the week: "PC LOAD LETTER" is an error message that old #HP LaserJet printers would produce.
Translated, the error actually means Load Letter-sized paper into Paper Cassette (PC).

Error messages like these make me smile as printer issues still often puzzle me.
From printer driver issues and replacing maintenance kits over to paper tray configurations and of course paper jams, I learn a new detail about a specific printer model every time end up calling the OEM printer technician to pay me a visit.
After having fun following the 'intuitive' onscreen instructions to pull and close again all possible doors and carriage trays and spinning every roller to desperately find that one single missing paper snippet, the printer technician would ultimately educate me that the particular printer holds several tiny, nearly invisible sensors which get blocked by microscopic paper crumbs.

While I haven't worked long enough IT Support to have enjoyed end nineties' error messages like "PC LOAD LETTER", I certainly enjoy contemporary printer challenges and recommend watching the movie Office Space where the good old HP #LaserJet gets plenty of attention :)


Have a nice weekend!



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