2.66 million searches a minute entered in Google worldwide and 5 million videos viewed on YouTube. Also we are all very active on social media. A new infographic shows how fast the internet has evolved within a year.

A year ago 278,000 tweets per minute and 2 million searches were entered into Google worldwide. Today each and every minute 293.000 updates on social networking site Facebook are being posted, there are 433,000 tweets sent in the world, 138 million emails sent and 70 new domain names registered. We also add 14 songs on Spotify and 120 people create a LinkedIn profile. Even more striking is the fact of 500 websites being created every 60 seconds. Only the mail traffic seems to decline as last year we sent out 204 million emails every minute.

Online in 60 seconds - a year later | Source: Qmee

This is the previous infographic created for 2013 :

Online in 60 seconds - 2013 | Source: Qmee