Bret Taylor , former CTO of Facebook and creator of the I like button , explains why you may never find a 'Dislike' or 'Don't Like' button, regardless of the high demand of users.

Facebook Dislike Button may never come.

The 'I Don't Like' button has been an ongoing topic on Facebook ," says Bret Taylor - who left the social networking site in 2012, to launch Quip. In an interview with the technology site Tech Radar he continues: "The main reason why it is not there, is the negativity of such a button. It  could have unfortunate consequences."

"We launched the 'I Like' button in the first place because many people have been willing to recognize activities of others without necessarily have to say something. Instead of using the words 'cool ' and ' wow', they've been replaced by a simple click."

A 'I Don't Like' button would have a different effect than the 'I Like' button thinks Taylor. "If there was a dislike button, it may lead to very negative social aspects. There may be implications such as cyber bullying, for example."

"If you do not like something , you write a better response", is Bret Taylor's conclusion.

According to TechRadar a dislike button for Facebook would also be less useful than the like button when it comes to direct advertising.

Source: DataNews; TechRadar